Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Penerjemah , terjemahaan , kamus and Google Translate

Hi my friends .
If you can not write in the language English , doubt or unsure of the words he said to make any posts, experience, the paper to blog,do not worries. go to : or

on the front page next to the search engines have
1. Penelusuran Lanjutan
2. Preferensi
3. Alat Bahasa ( )

Click and on point to 3 (three)or ALAT BAHASA . you will find the tool translator . there will be tools translate language .you want translate in 42 languages country , no problem .
Do not hesitate try to enter the engine means of
language and you can see the results. only if there are
words that are less suitable words we live insert to be appropriate that you need

Happy trying,